Prominent Texas Defense Lawyer Greening Points to Problems with DPS Blood Testing Practices

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Craig Greening is a Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney who is based in Bryan-College Station and in practices courts all over Texas for Greening Law, PC clients.

Greening recently called attention to a breaking news story out of El Paso about problems with DPS blood testing practices that impact our justice system right here in Brazos County:

“DPS Brazos County relies on DPS to test blood tests for all DWI’s. DPS has been caught cheating and possibly convicting innocent people and “dry-labbing” samples. Dry-labbing is the term that is used when a lab reports a result based on a test that was never performed. It’s otherwise known as fake results. It can also be done where data is manipulated to make it seem like a test was performed when no test was in fact performed. Jurys must demand strict proof for blood alcohol results.”

Greening linked to this breaking…

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