Consider All Penalties When Accused Of DWI – Gray, Granberry & Jones, Attorneys at Law


People accused of DWI are often reluctant to fight the charges. They may feel as though they have no basis upon which to fight, or they may be worried about the cost of retaining an attorney to defend themselves.

Before you choose to plead guilty to drunk driving in hopes of simply moving on with your life, you should take care to understand all the repercussions you will face.

Much More Than Just Fines

For a first offender, the fine for a DWI will not be more than $2,000. However, there are many other financial costs to take into consideration. A DWI education class may be ordered, as may continued alcohol counseling, all of which you would have to pay for. You may be ordered to install an ignition interlock device if you are allowed to retain your driving privileges, and you would need to pay for its installation and maintenance.

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