College Station Police Sgt. James Woodward Retires


On Friday, August 3, 2018, members of the law enforcement community and many others gathered at the City of College Station Council Chambers to honor Sgt. James Woodward for 26 years of exceptional law enforcement service.

Sgt. Woodward began his career with the police department on September 1, 1992. Since joining the department, Sgt. Woodward worked in or supervised many divisions and received numerous commendations for his outstanding work and dedication.
During his career, Sgt. Woodward served as a Patrol Officer, Motors Officer, a member of the Criminal Investigations Division TAC Unit, and as the Field Training Officer Program Coordinator. He was promoted to Sergeant in January of 2002 and since that time served as supervisor of the Motors Unit, the Special Investigations Unit, the Recruiting and Training Division, and in the Criminal Investigations Division.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Technology from Texas A&M University in May 1998, has held an Instructor Certificate with TCOLE (then TCLEOSE) since 1996, and has held a Master Peace Officer License with TCOLE since January 2002.
He has also received numerous awards and special recognition for his work throughout his career which includes being a member of the Chief of Police Outstanding Unit of the Year on three different occasions. The years that he was a member of the units that won the award include 1995 with the Special Enforcement (Motors) Unit, 2004 with the Special Enforcement (Motors) Unit, 2006 with the Special Investigations Unit, and 2008 with the Criminal Investigations Division. In addition, he received the Supervisor of the Year award in 2006.

Some additional accomplishments include starting and coaching the police department’s Blue Heat Softball Team in 1997. He founded the CSPD’s First Responders Golf Tournament called Red, White, and Blue Heroes in 2018. In 2006, he was a founding member of the Texas Alliance of Drug-Endangered Children in Brazos County.
The ceremony included stories from officers and friends from the law enforcement field and the community. It was clear that he made a lasting and positive impact within the police department. Sgt. Woodward was a friend to many and a servant to all. His commitment to the community and those he served is something to be proud of. Sgt. Woodward will be missed and his College Station Police Department family wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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